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High Tech new 3D Sensor :
You can place the 3D sensor pedometer anyplace with you pedometer anyplace with you : pocket, purse,even hang on your neck.

20 seconds data record:
The step count is recorded every 20 seconds this allows to analyze your daily activities.

Comapact with Large LCD :
Small size but big LCD makes you easy to read, easy to carry.

Portable data viewer software :
The pedometer data as well as the data viewer program are stored together in JournalPedo. The viewer program is a green software and be plug and play on any Windows based PC without installation.

2GB ( = 2,000,000,000 Bytes )
The built - in memory is capable to store your lifetime step counts of your lifetime total steps records which can be displayed and printed out on PC.

Data center :
This device is a data center. The blood pressure, body weight, workout data, plus the step counts can be stored in
one place - the JournalPedo.


Keep recording your daily activities !!!

USB Flash Drive Activity Monitor
BLE Activity Monitor

Devices can be connected
Blood Pressure
Weight Scale
Acitity Monitor
Outdoor Bike
Indoor Bike