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Built - in Real - Time Clock :
A real - time clock is built-in in the scale to provide the time-stamp of body weight measurement for better health status

Whole life time records :
1GB = ( 1,000,000,000 Bytes ) USB flash drive is capable of your life - time weight data which can be displayed and printed out on PC.

Low battery indicator :
The low battery indicator on LCD to notice user to replace the batteries.

Support Multiple Users :
When a personal USB flash drive is used, the body weight data is stored on the USB flash drive that is owned by that person. This allows one device can be used by multiple users and ensure data is recorded at a right place.

Built - in Memory :
The build-in memory can store up to 20 body weight records.

Expandable to JournalPedo :
Using our JournalPedo as USB flash drive can keep weight data and steps at the same time
withoutany arduous effort.

Portable Data Viewer Software :
The data viewer software is installed on the USB flash drive and can be run on any PC based platform viewing the body weight

Health Data Center :
All health and fitness related measurements such as blood pressure, body weight, glucose, step counts, bike, etc are all stored in the personal USB flash drive. This helps user to have a better health status tracking and controlling