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With USB Socket:
Measurements include date / time / sys. / dia. / heart rate can be stored on the USB flash drive or transferred to smart phone via a USB BLE Pedo dongle.

Comfortable blood pressure measurement :
The blood pressure is measured during cuff inflation. Thepump stops right after blood pressure value is obtained and this makes the measurement more comfortable.

Dual Measurement Display :
Display the current and previous blood pressure measurements simultaneously for quick comparison.

Rotaty Function Key :
A easy way to browse and select the functions provided by the device.

Built - in High Capacity Memory :
Equipped with 6 x 30 memories for recording the measured blood pressure data.

Real - Time On - Screen Instruction :
A text bar at the button of the screen shows the current operation mode, user status and information as well as error messages.

View blood pressure records and trend on PC :
The blood pressure data stored in USB flash drive can be viewed on PC and identify the abnormal situations easily.

Remind :
The device can remind user to measure the blood pressure or take the medicine.