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Our Process

Fego Precision Industrial Co. Ltd. was established with primary object of providing Medical Devices, Home Appliance Sport Equipment as well as Lighting manufacturer a best electronic and PCB layout solution. and resolution. With respect to provide efficient and advanced service for our client, Head Quarter was built in Middle Taiwan, Taichung City, where also groups main manufacturers of the said range.
To be a leading providers of control panel and PCB designer / suppliers island wide, Fego also expanded its service to world wide, including those major player of the fields.?
Fego is with reputation by its rapid and innovative PCB and control system world wide after worked with those famous brands worldwide by its creative and productive RD team, a department with more than 40 engineers, most of them are with bachelor and/or master degree of Electronic , Electrical and Mechanical.?
In term of competence of Fego’s customers, we setup our facilities in Suzhou China and Guangdon China to provide our client more competence on market place globally.?
With strong technical support, Fego is developing its own range for end users by providing a more sophistic and usable product range for its clients.?
To be an ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered enterprise, Fego already built up a series of medical devices, such as blood pressure meter, glucose meter scale weight and pedometer. All of the range is with sophistic operation system by saving all data collected into USB –a data storage center or via blue tooth transmission.?
Fego also developed an unique pull-chain reverse, micro speed adjustment for ceiling fan on to AC motor to compete DC motor’s benefit feature.?
To bring user a more convenient, Fego team created an smooth and liner dimming and warm-cool white adjustable lighting control system to provide user more options onto illumination.?
Further to above range, Fego continues to invent more high-tech with advanced programming to bring users a convenient life as goal of FEGO “For Easy Good Operation“

Head Quarter ( Taiwan )

  • Fego Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • No. of employees : around 100
  • Factory floor size : 2556 m2

Factory ( South of China )

  • Huiyang Xin Ji Industry Co., Ltd.
  • No. of employees : around 250
  • Factory floor size : 7500 m2

Factory ( Shanghai )

  • Zing Hui Electronic Technology (SuZhou) Co., Ltd.
  • No. of employees : around 350
  • Factory floor size : 14782 m2

Facilities at SuZhou Factory

  • SMD Line x 2; DIP Line x 7
  • Assembly Line x 9
  • Multi-wave Soldering Machine x 5
  • SMD Machine x 4
  • Auto-Insertion Machine x 4
  • ICT Machine x 3

Power Electronics Laboratory

  • EMI Testing Lab
  • Solar Cell Panel Lab
  • 3D Printer
  • LCR Meter
  • High-end Oscilloscope
  • Wind Power Lab